Flow Power kWatch Intelligent Controller

Flow Power kWatch Intelligent Controller

Flow Power’s kWatch Intelligent Controller is a device that will help businesses save money by knowing when to take advantage of abundant cheap power. It was designed to give users the ability to control load in response to price fluctuations while still being scalable.

The product provides real-time alerts to users advising them when to power down or switch to a generator, eg, during periods of extreme heat when demand is high. This allows businesses to manage power usage more efficiently on-site and remotely. For the market as a whole, this provides a solution to rising peak demands as energy is being used more efficiently, removing pressure from the grid during peak usage times.

The controller comprises three core functions: live data feeds transmit information on energy usage, temperature, wind speed and water pressure to the Flow Power web-portal and app; real-time email and SMS alerts remove the need to constantly monitor energy use; and integration with on-site equipment and generators allows the controller to respond to market events within minutes, powering down or switching energy sources as necessary.

The device is able to make complex decisions and interact with control systems to help save businesses money. It communicates to the cloud but is also able to make decisions when disconnected and cope with networks that might have connectivity issues.

Other features include: the latest Intel Cherry Trail CPU; Windows 10 IoT iOS supported on 4 GB RAM; built-in 4GX connectivity to allow for high-speed access wherever it is connected; and an uninterruptible power supply to ensure that the system is always available.

The interface to the controller is provided through 4GX wireless and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, RJ45 Ethernet, USB, HDMI and RS485 interfaces as well as wireless ZigBee technology. This means it can control multiple IO devices.

The IO is modular and easily configurable. Each module can be daisy-chained using RS485 and is extended across large networks with ZigBee wireless mesh technology.

Windows 10 IoT supports a full operating system and, with the use of the 4GX wireless network, can support approved third-party applications.

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