Big River Group MaxiWall sustainable building material

Big River Group MaxiWall sustainable building material

Big River Group’s MaxiWall provides Australian home owners with a building material made of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), which is kind to the environment. By using reduced raw materials it results in around 30% less environmental waste compared to traditional concrete, according to the company, and 50% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

The building material is pollutant-free, containing no toxic substances or odours. With a claimed four times the thermal resistance than standard house bricks, the amount of energy required to heat or cool is greatly reduced, providing savings to home owners and ongoing environmental benefits.

The product features good acoustic insulation, up to seven decibels greater per surface area than other solid building materials of the same weight. This is particularly important in multiresidential housing as well as semidetached and terraced houses where soundproofing is critical. It is also fire resistant, a valued quality in Australia’s climate.

The contemporary rendered finish offers a stylish and sustainable alternative to traditional brick and concrete, while still providing the solid feel of traditional bricks. The product can be finished in a multitude of different rendered finishes, ensuring any design choice can be accommodated.

The use of MaxiWall panels leads to fast construction times as their light weight makes them safe to work with and easy to install, including cutting, shaving and shaping. Applications include low-rise external and party wall applications as well as high-rise external and internal wall systems.

The material is fully compliant with current Australian Standards and has Australian Codemark Certification.

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