Meet the SEA-3250-LT: Innovation in Offshore Wind Installations

Meet the SEA-3250-LT: Innovation in Offshore Wind Installations

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As the companies planning to build out the planned U.S. offshore wind fleet draw closer to actual construction, we’ll see more progress on development of the maritime fleet that will help install the wind turbines for those new projects.

Netherlands-based GustoMSC’s new jack-up vessel design — the SEA-3250-LT — is one example of such progress. The company did not clarify whether there is any plan at this time to actually build the SEA-3250-LT, so we’ll continue to watch for news about its development.

For the development of about 55 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030, one study estimated that the U.S. would need 19 construction vessels. Currently, there are no U.S. Jones-Act compliant vessels big enough to install an offshore wind turbine.

Earlier this year, Zentech and Renewable Resources International said they will build the first Jones-Act-compliant jack-up vessel for use by the U.S. offshore wind industry. They expect to deliver the vessel next year.

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